Harbinger Renegade Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The coloring is overall nice and smartly selected, but they could have used more of range for the prologue flashback. As for the lettering there is a typo in the flashback. The art also has one possible flaw in the "prediction" scene featuring Harada fighting with a broken wrist and back against an alien. I say possible due to the power level Harada has shown in the past and how it could be he was using his powers like Torque. (In other words I am pointing it out, but not considering it for my final verdict on this comic.) Also I think the art is some of the best the series has had so far in terms of execution, emoting, and consistency.

   While the writing is mainly talking Rafer remembers to have the script make the characters have actions. For example Solomon walking around the table Kris is initially sitting at. Lastly the issue actually correctly uses cliffhanger type ending line of "The Beginning" correctly.



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