In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 24

  The English dub felt and was lacking in a few ways. Mainly the sound mix was terrible, especially at the beginning when Ami is supposed be playing the music for the group. Also I think both versions  are too reliant on the internet explanation. Of course that is partly due to how we have little in the way of episodic plot points besides that point. There is also the fact that it horribly ages the episode for those who grew up with the internet in post-20th century order. Finally Mamoru has appeared in a lot of Ami centric episodes and yet he is missing in this episode why exactly?

  While there is not much I liked about this episode I did feel a bit of nostalgia for the internet/online explanation given by the dubs. That is mainly because I remember the days before the mass public could work the internet. "Oh, floppies and 8-bit games your glory days are over!" Anyway I do think this episode is nice to view, but that the events for Ami's power-up were better portrayed in the manga.

   Questions! Why did we not at least get a line about Mamoru's whereabouts? How many people who will read this post will not know the term "floppies?"


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