In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 25

  This episode has the creepiest one off character I have seen in any dub of any anime. I mean the stars being in her eyes is weird and disturbing enough, but it also has the plot of Single White Female and the English voice actress's vocals. Not to mention she is supposed to be 13 years old and yet looks 10 or 11 and yet is talking about careers. Well it just all adds up to way too creepy for me. Thus this episode really could be skipped since that it is all this kind of filler and nothing but a new attack.

  Questions! Is this series becoming too reliant on visual gags? Why did Rei not get to meet a copy of herself like Ami did last episode? What was Rei's Grandpa doing during this episode? Would this episode have worked better if Rei's Grandpa had been included?


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