Ladies Of Market Street: Volume 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This first volume of Ladies Of Market Street sets up the premise well and has a good summary of the  premise on the Amazon sales page. However, the sequencing of the comic is bad for just a single issue, but could be good for an eventual collected format. The problem is that the beginning of the story is just the end of act one and leads into most of the story being a flashback. That said this could be used to show a brutal montage sequence next issue that leads back to where present time ended.

   As for the art it uses shadows and shading well. In fact the only real problem is consistency regarding whether these Ladies normally look good or are weathered in appearance. I think the cartoonish style suits the writing, though maybe it could be played up more. By that I mean the violence could be more realistic or go the opposite direction by being comedic.

   My verdict: It shows enough promise for an independent comic that I am recommending it.


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