Ninjak Issue 25 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    First off I have to say this issue's reference to famed comedy duo Abbott and Costello is nice and subtle. As for the rest of the story it is still a mess in terms of the larger picture. The earlier silent issue promised a different story arc than what has been delivered. Add in how the story has seemingly reset with almost every issue of this arc and you can probably see why I am a bit bored with it. Yeah we get cool visuals like something Nosferatu crossbred with, but it is only briefly exciting.

    Speaking of the art it has a few problematic areas where perspective and/or depth is a bit off. For example the panel after the previously mentioned crossbreed appears is off in how characters are placed versus the previous panel. Though these visual flaws are only noticeable if one studies the art closely enough.

    Finally I have no complaints or complements concerning the coloring or lettering.

  My verdict: Not recommended for the above reasons, but mainly due to how the script makes it feel like yet another start point for the story arc.


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