Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 What Clothing Is Photoshop Edition

1. X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy Of Fire #2 (2003) is two steps away from looking like an a bad attempt at making an adults' only manga. With the exception of the title and some names this story has almost nothing to do with the X-Men franchise. Also it is overly reliant on dated, obvious photoshop. Oh and did I mention the excessive and pointless fan service.

2. X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy Of Fire #3 (2003) see above.

3. The first installment of the story "Forever Amber" from New Talent Showcase #1 (1984). Has too much backstory for the main character and not enough on her power gem. It also seems kind of odd how the mother is from Taiwan, and yet is stuck in Vietnam.

4. Also from New Talent Showcase #1 (1984) we have "Sky Dogs" which has too little set-up. Though my main problem is a member of the Sky Dogs blocking a bullet with his sword. That moment simply broke my suspension of disbelief.


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