Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Short Stories Volume 1 Opinion Piece

   These short stories were apparently used as episodes in either wholesale or plot/theme ways. (Looking at you evilness of tooth decay episode!) I feel that is a bit lazy, yet pragmatic considering how transmedia works for multi-format franchises such as Sailor Moon, Batman, and so on. That said these stories are also really weird in terms of villains and fourth wall breaking. Though I did like the idea of Chubster Mask and the Cosplay teens. However, the retcon about Naru having a younger sister is as problematic as Chibi-Usa (902 years old) going to school with actual children.

   Questions! Would a Chubster Mask gag series work in either manga or anime format? Who forged the background materials to get Chibi-Usa into school? Why was Luna-P not used or referenced in these episodes? Was the last story in this collected edition just a parody of the franchise, and thus not meant to be considered in the timeline/universe?


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