Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ads What Ads? Edition

1. Infinity Inc. #21 (1985) is not spectacular, but is a decent comic that ties in to Crisis On Infinite Earths. Not to mention a relatively quick read due to the small amount of ads.

2. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #2 (1992) is a vast improvement over the lackluster first issue in terms of both story and art. In my educated opinion it is well worth fans' time.

3. Action Comics Weekly #607 (1988) has some flaws, such as incorporating the famed, but no longer around, show Oprah. However, it is for the most part an enjoyable anthology.

4. The story "X-Alloy" from Superman #21 (March-April 1943) is a decent story centered around World War 2 Saboteurs. It also treats every character humanely by not reducing them to stereotypical or bigoted propaganda.


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