Recommended Comics List Of 4 Adventures In Gusty County Edition

1. Superman Adventures #1 (1996) feels like an unaired season one episode episode. Though it is great in a lot of ways there is one or two problems. However, only one problem is obvious and it involves a character's arm going through a panel break. Other than that this is a near epic Superman comic aimed at kids.

2. The 2009 one-shot comic Doctor Who Room With A Déjà View. Shows how Doctor Who stories can play with linear and non-linear storytelling. It is also a good story for those seeking a more challenging comic book.

3. Infinity Inc. #52 (1988) is a solid enough issue in my opinion, and one I personally think fans of legacy characters will enjoy. However, I will admit that I personally believe it to be flawed in a lot of ways.

4. Secret Six #5 (Dec. 1968 - Jan. 1969) is a rare gem from the latter part of the Silver Age of comics. It is recommended for those who want proof that the Silver Age was not just a period of silly comics. Also it is a great spy comic with this issue being a sort of revenge/origin story.


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