Recommended Comics List Of 4 River Raging Edition

1. Jonah Hex #36 (1980) is a realistic feeling western tragedy. What really makes it work is the strong one-off female character.

2. The beginning of "Class Of 2064" from New Talent Showcase #1 is well-written despite the dated futuristic title and feel. It also has kids and designs that look like they could have been from a 1980s sci-fi movie by Steven Spielberg.

3. "The Rock Of Ages" from New Talent Showcase #1 is an interesting take on the all-knowing wise person on the mountain being asked a question. An almost perfect four page story.

4. Newstime: The Life And Death Of Superman (May 1993) is an intriguing mock-up special issue tie-in to the Superman story arcs "Death Of Superman" & "Funeral For A Friend." It has nice fictional articles and adverts. Also fictional and possibly real tribute quotes about Superman. Finally there is a thinly veiled critical review about Batman Returns (1992).


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