Sunday, April 30, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Partridge Family Spooks Edition

1. The Partridge Family #13 (1972) has multiple abrupt endings and other elements that signify an all-around weak comic.

2. Wonder Woman #131 (1998) has weak line work. Also the dialogue and characterization are rather generic. Finally certain parts of this comic are confusing, if not contradictory.

3. Wonder Woman #183 (2002) fails at pacing, sequencing and having a clear plot.

4. Wonder Woman #182 (2002) fails at pacing, sequencing, having a clear plot, and has some inconsistencies in the art and stories.

Mr. Crypt Collection Review With Spoilers

Warning of Spoilers!

 There is a grammar mistake in the last adventure Mr. Crypt has in this collection. Aside from that, and some issues I personally had with two or three of the fourth wall breaks, this is an impressive kids' comic. Although I say this is a kids' comic it is actually a comic that anyone can find something enjoyable about. Lastly I think that there is plenty of story potential left for Mr. Crypt and his pet rat up to and including a prequel starring Baron Rat.


X-O Manowar (2017) Issue 2 Review

  There is not much I can say about this issue's story without spoiling its epic and character moments. What I can and will say is that the lettering and editing are a bit weak for this issue. The reason I stated "lettering and editing" is that quite a few words are misspelled in various sentences. Despite this problem the comic is still very good, and the art is as gorgeous as the first issue in the series.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Alexei, Lex, And Alex Luthor Edition

1. Wonder Woman #94 (1995) is flawed, but shows some good characterization. It is mainly recommended  keeps Diana Prince/Wonder Woman feeling like a female empowerment icon.

2. DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (1982) is an issue that really explores the personality differences of alternate universe versions of characters.

3. Booster Gold/The Flinstones Special #1 (2017) is just barely smart enough in the writing and strong enough in the visuals to make this ongoing list.

4. "Man of Molten Steel" from Superman #263 (1973) is solid story that holds up to some current standards of comic storytelling. Also I think Superman being slightly more aggressive than usual in this story is a nice change of pace.

Friday, April 28, 2017

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 30

  The Japanese dub is clearly the better version. Though I will say the actress who originally voiced Chibi-Usa's male friend for this episode's English dub did a slightly better job. However, what really made the original English version suck is what they kept in compared to what they changed in dialogue. An example is "the stomachache" question is made more annoying by Chibi-Usa's English conversation with Pegasus before he leaves. Finally the only question I had about this episode is: how  come 'flyboy's' parents don't have the police called on them for child endangerment?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I, Holmes Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This is a comic that has a little too many sentences and they cause the pages to feel crowded. However, each sentence is necessary. Another problem found in the writing is the characters' voices are close to being the same. As for the art it is consistent in proportions, but it is a little too experimental for first time comic readers. Finally while this issue concludes in a very "sins of the father" type of way it provides potential for a new franchise.

   Recommended for lovers of the Sherlock Holmes mythos and those who want a more experimental comic with a female lead.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Generation Zero Issue 9 Review

  I can't even begin to describe the flaws in this issue due to how many this issue has on its own. If one looks at the series as a whole it has failed in almost every way a comic book can. Just save your money and buy almost anything else.

    Not Recommended So Save Your Money And Time Status Activated!

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Arnold Drake Meet Lois Lane Edition

1. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (1973)...."'Thud' is the sound my head makes against the desk after having read this drivel!" Example 1: Superman is treated as the lead in Lois's own title. Example 2: Perry White's cigar disappears then reappears as a cigarette. *Spoilers* Example 3: Superman excepting the lamest excuses for three characters' alibis in a ticking clock style mystery. *Spoilers*

2. The Daisy BB Gun advert found on the back of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (1973) is bad for three reasons. First there is the idea that comics cannot lead to good grades. Next that they are only something boys read. Finally it is advertising children being given guns. One has to wonder how many victims of gun violence this advert, and related ads, were the cause of?

3. Another bad advert found in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 is the one pager for Woods Edge Game/Tank Trap. Both sides of this ad have too much information and yet too little. Also the art for both games is very chaotic. Finally there are the weird facial expressions on the Woods Edge Game panel.

4. "Unhappy Birthday To You!" from Superman #263 (1973) has a waste of a framing device and a story that makes zero sense.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rose From The Dead Review With Potential Spoilers!

Warning Of Potential Spoilers!

  First off this issue is slightly better in the areas of consistency and sequencing than independent comic creator Andrea Bell's other work Fair Voyage. However, I think Fair Voyage is better from a stylistic approach and shows how Andrea grew from this work's singular character voice to having the ability to differentiate her characters' voices. That all said this is pretty good work as far as early attempts at creating comics go. Finally I personally feel that the attempting to curse while not cursing is the most glaring weakness.

  Recommended primarily for ages 8 and up.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ghost Patrol Emoji Edition

1. The Ghost Patrol story called "The 'Spectacular' Crimes" from Flash Comics #96 (June 1948) consists of the following flaws: Horrible dialogue, a weak plot, generic characters, poorly executed premise, bad fight choreography.

2. Wonder Woman #161 (1966) has two horribly stories ("The Curse Of Cleopatra!" and "Battle Inside A Brain!") and both have several flaws in writing, art, and general logic.

3. Team Titans #3 (1992) has several flaws such as pointless deaths, lousy attempts to cuss without cussing, and generic action scenes. Arguably the worst flaw is how the story arc is rendered pointless by a Deus Ex Machina combining with a de-powerment that negates the rational for the story.

4. Team Titans #2 (1992) is poorly edited and written, particularly in how the story is sequenced. There is also artistic flaws like the sideways double-page spread, which is never a good idea, and Battalion having red in place of human eyeballs.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Mars To Pluto Edition

1. Has anyone attempted to contact alien worlds via fictional languages like Klingon?

2. What if we have been sending the equivalent of grunts to long dead worlds?

3. What current human language is closest to insect hive mind communication?

4. What long-dead human language is the easiest to imitate the Dodo's mating call?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wonderful Paradise Edition

1. Wonder Woman #46 (1990) has a good trigger warning for this still topical issue. Said topic of suicide is handled in a caring and honest way. The art by Jill Thompson and Romeo Tanghal is a thing of beauty. Though this issue could have been better in its sequencing of past and present.

2. "The Inside Story Of Robotman!" from Detective Comics #138 (Aug. 1948) is actually pretty good in terms of the plot, dialogue, and general consistency. Though like any Golden Age story it still has flaws, such as the abrupt ending.

3. Wonder Woman #136 (1998) is flawed in several ways. However, it is interesting as a prime example of how to leave a run as a creator while leaving openings for another creator to work with.

4. Wonder Woman #130 (1998) is a decent beginning to a time travel story. It also has a good Back To The Future reference. Though I will admit the art could be better in some ways.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sonny Puff Supers Edition

1. The story "Peril Of The Planet-Smashers!" World's Finest #208 (1971) has a flawed plot in how the villains want to reach ultimate peace in the form of a "nirvana" yet want to destroy Earth to do so. Very contradictory logic. There are also flaws with the character models and other visual work.

2. The 1990 Cocoa Puffs advertisement titled "Sonny the cuckoo bird in Chocolate Crunchville" found at the back of Wonder Woman #46 (1990). While it almost works it leaves too much of a question of why to buy it, and thus is two-dimensional in the telling.

3. Kenner's Super Sonic Power Smash-Up Derby advertisement found in World's Finest #208 (1971) seems slightly racist. This is due to how the one black kid (who seems to be a token character) is not really shown to be playing with white kids.

4. The 1990 Capri Sun 100% Natural Advertisement "One Good Fern Deserves Another" found in Wonder Woman #46 (1990) is falsely titled. It also fails to deliver on reasons to buy the product, and almost fails to have the characters even hint at wanting the product.

Ninjak Issue 26 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue has some merit to it, mainly in the form of the visuals, yet it is hindered by three major flaws. The biggest is the fact that the silent prelude issue, and its cool premise, still has nothing to do with this story arc except for Ninjak, Roku, and Master Darque. Secondly the visuals while cool lack texture in certain places such as on certain characters' normal human flesh. Lastly is the fact that the style of this issue does not match any part of the rest of the story arc. (Of course the other parts don't match up either.)

    Despite all of the above problems if one simply wants some high quality art and coloring this is fine for that. Heck, perhaps a coloring book featuring pages from this story arc would be a viable idea to improve its merit.

   Not Recommended as part of a story arc, but fine for a quick look through or read.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Define A Flow Edition

1. The story titled "A Hero's Choice" from New Talent Showcase #14 (1985) is a narrative mess with a horribly abrupt, and ill-thought-out ending. Decent art though.

2. Venom: Nights Of Vengeance #1 (1994) is inaccessible and has bad art, an abrupt shift in plot, and weak dialogue. Not to mention the subtitle is a bit of a misnomer.

3. The Uncanny X-Men #281 (1991) has too many art related flaws to mention. Also there is a pointless fight and several deaths.

4. Billy The Kid #112 (1975) has a lot of racist elements to it. Also the writing is weak for three of the stories.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 29

  I found the original English dub to be more personally enjoyable for this episode. Yet the Japanese is arguably the overall better version to watch. However, I think both dubs have a similar problem involving Usagi & Chibi-Usa taking the artist home, and how this would be a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Yet I must admit this was a weak episode even without the mis-step (the gags) the previous episodes relied on. I also will admit this episode has a funny moment with one of those inappropriate water fountain statues that looks like it is relieving itself.

  Questions! What was up with the repetitive vain art criticism? Was the professional art supposed to look bad, but the animators and writers had a disagreement?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Pick A Number From Number Six Edition

1. The Prisoner Book B (1988) is accessible enough in its writing and art to please a lot of people who may have not seen the original 1960s show this is based on. However, this issue and most of the other issues, should please the majority of people who watched the show. This is primarily due to the visual and written references to the show which include the style of writing.

2. The New Teen Titans #35 (1983) is a bit dated due to how obviously constrained it was by the comics code. Yet it has a pretty realistic hostage situation story that explores how such a situation might be resolved if young super-heroes got involved. I do give the caveat that this may be a comic deserving of a few trigger warnings and thus is not for everyone.

3. The Adventures Of Superman #612 (2003) is a bit of a standalone in what appears to be a larger story arc. Despite this it is very accessible for less experienced readers of Superman and/or comics. Also it is a bit of a love letter to the earliest Golden Age stories starring Superman while also critiquing them.

4. Wonder Woman #17 (1988) has a few pages that I don't like in terms of layout and/or amount of dialogue. However, it is a pretty strong issue with some great art by George Pérez and Dick Giordano. Lastly the plotting is really strong in both the main plot and subplots.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Lilith Dark Issue 1 Newsprint Edition Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This is a delightful all-ages comic! The dialogue even features the realistic little kid trait of mis-pronouncing, and misunderstanding, words. However, the main reason I think this is "delightful" is the fact that there is obviously a product made with love and lots of thoughtful effort. From the range of the color palette to the strength of the lines and premise this is one of the best issues I have ever read.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tomb Raider (2016) Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The blurred effect on the cover is great due to how it creates the illusion of heat around the houses on fire in the background. Also the action on the cover creates a desire to see what goes on inside the issue. Speaking of the interiors, the art and colors are things of beauty with the exception of the second to last panel of the story being a little inconsistent with the line work. Other than that and the somewhat overabundant amount of word balloons/text this is an amazing issue.


Usagi Yojimbo Issue 159 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Certain bits of the art, including the cover, look weak in terms of the line work, or in the case of the minimalism half finished. Though for the most part the writing is strong enough in characterization and plot to make up for these two flaws. While the dialogue is mostly good there is one bit of dialogue that could have shortened. However, that is a nitpick as would be any complaints I have about the ending. Overall not a bad issue. As for the last page pin-up it is kind of cute in a child-like water color kind of way.


Aliens: Fire And Stone Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  An interesting single character issue that explores a situation a character slowly losing it while surviving being stuck on a planet with the Xenomorphs (Aliens). The only real problem with the writing is the cliffhanger feeling to the ending. This is caused by the horror and science fiction cliche of leaving a character's fate in the form of a question. As for the colors, the earthy tones are arguably the best at helping creating the atmosphere the impressionist art has. Finally the cover has a lot of depth and is created in a style and color palette that goes well with the interiors.


Gantz Volume 34 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This feels like a manga that rips imagery from an anime, especially in terms of the monsters' designs and motions. Though the big problems with this volume are that: It is not clear what is going on or what has been going on. The nudity is pointless and just there to make this a mature readers comic with genitals. There are too many sound effects on several pages. An over-reliance on action that hurts the story due to most of the dialogue being only grunts, groans, and related sounds. Finally the lettering mistake on the Petite Melody chapter title.

  Not recommended.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Fear Diaries Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This comic is almost good enough on a technical level to recommend. However, it has two major problems and three minor problems. Arguably the biggest problem is the Deux Ex Machina used to defeat the villain. The second major problem is the lack of accessibility to people like myself who have not read the first issue. If the two major problems didn't occur I could have given this a recommendation despite the minor problems which are: The kind of cliched ending that is somewhat the equivalent of saying "The Beginning" when it is most often just the end. How the art gets a bit lazy in the proportions of the villain's arms when he is swiping. (They look like noodles.) Lastly the cover is a little too asymmetrical in the proportions of the villain's torso to waist area, specifically his left side.

   My verdict: This is neither the worst purchase a reader could make or the worst thing I have been given to review. However, I have to give it a not recommended status.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Immortal Brothers: The Tale Of The Green Knight Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I won't comment on the lettering except to say that I am wondering who did it. As for the story it is a little weak in terms of characterization and plot. The characterization is still accurate, but it feels like just the essential traits are utilized. While the plot idea feels a little like a mini-series worthy plot that has been boiled down for this one-shot. What mainly keeps this a quality comic is the art being good (with the exception of Armstrong's hair style) and the self-awareness of what it is parodying (The Princess Bride). Yet said parody is on the level of the Domino's Pizza commercial that parodies Ferris Bueller's Day Off in that it is too obvious.

   Not recommended unless one is a super hardcore fan of Valiant Entertainment.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Croak Issue 1 Newsprint Edition Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   First off I have to say this issue has slightly higher quality art than most horror story comics I have read. Mainly in terms of how light, or rather the lack of light, is used in a naturalistic way without losing focus on characters and texture. Though I will say that the three main characters' eyes could be a little less similar in style, at least in terms of how the folds are shaped. In-spite of this I will say that it is refreshing and somewhat unique to see such detailed and realistically shaped eyes. As for the story it has good dialogue that works well with the artist's pacing. Plus the ending I did not see coming at all. Finally I think Dezi Sienty and Francesco Iaquinta did good work on lettering/design and coloring.

  Highly Recommended!

Saban's Power Rangers Movie Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  "Teenagers with attitude" was the premise/phrase that sort of sold me on Mighty Morphing Power Rangers back when it first aired. Yes, they had the whole martial arts, monsters versus super heroes/soldiers, and goofiness etc., but that one phrase was what stuck with me. Now though I am an original fan of the Power Rangers I can not claim to be a faithful fan. I stopped watching faithfully around the early to mid-point of Power Rangers In Space. However, I still think this is one of the best  long-running franchises in existence.

  That being said I think this is not so much a reboot of the franchise. Instead I think of it as a more realistic and better thought out attempt to follow the original premise set in an alternate universe/timeline. In other words it is a smarter reimagined version of the Power Rangers with a higher budget.

  Now as for what is good about the actual movie: It tries for a story that is a tad more adult than most of the episodes of the show by doing jokes that young children won't get, or if they do they won't be troubled by them. Yet it still leaves moments for the younger fans to enjoy like the reference to the Michael Bey Transformers. Another plus is that the accents and character quirks (Such as Billy's autistic traits) are very consistent. (Though RJ Cyler did lose some of the consistency in his moments at the lunch table.) As for the cameo by the original Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart I think this was a great way to respect the original fans without destroying the story.

  While so many other reviewers have by now pointed out the other pluses I feel one major plus has to be still be talked about and that the portrayal of bullying. From Kimberly bullying others via a picture of some kind to being bullied by her former friends I have to say that they handled her denial of being  a type of bully realistically. I say this because most people have at one point done something in their life that would be considered bullying. We all may try to deny it yet it happens and is something that keeps guilt staying with a majority of us when we think back on whatever 'it' was. The portrayal of unrepentant bullying is also shown by way of Billy's personal bully who we first meet in detention. This type of bullying is usually the kind were there is seemingly no real rhyme or reason and does happen to both people who are on the autistic spectrum and those who are not. It happens for a variety of reasons including an abusive home life, attention-seeking, etc. I think it is unrepentant due to how the Bully, such as the one in this movie, wants to cause serious injury for no clear reason to the victim other than personal gratification.

  Speaking of the unrepentant bully, and now flaws, I noticed a continuity goof-up in his second scene. Said scene shows him knocking Billy's blue book (or binder) from Billy's hand and there is no moment where we see Billy pick it up. Though after the Bully fails in his assault on Billy by knocking himself out we see Billy walk away with the blue book (or binder). However, casual viewers looking just to be entertained will probably fail to see this due to how the extras' reactions distract from this goof-up.

   As for actual flaws that all can probably see, and other reviewers have pointed out, they are listed as follows: None of the characters trying CPR on the character who drowns. Also poorly checking for a pulse on said character. The lack of follow-up on Trini's wrecked room, especially her parents' reaction and belief about what happened. Whether Jason's dad has told his mother about Jason being the Red Ranger. (Otherwise that is a weird moment with the fridge.) Finally the aftermath of the incident with the train, in particular what the excuse was to the police and Billy's mother. (I believe that they were teleported to their homes and healed by the coins.)

   Despite the above flaws this is the best Power Rangers movie I have ever seen.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Mishandled With Carelessness Edition Slight Spoilers Included

Some slight spoilers in this edition

1. The Adventures Of Superman #526 (1995) has the problem of a poorly handled plot that is centered around the separate topics of racism and mental health. It also has some visual problems such as how it displays a prison riot properly when Superman is in the prison. The last problem is the color palette looks poorly selected and/or applied in most of the panels.

2. Daredevil #166 (1980) has some of the worst writing I have ever read in a comic. Examples range from uncessary narration of character actions and situations to unrealistic dialogue. Not to mention artistic problems like Melvin Potter's face being off-model in two locations. Plus Daredevil's having a splayed hand with what appears to be a broken pinky in one panel, and there no reason it should be broken. Finally the exploitation of mental health, and those who really suffer from it, to create a poorly thought-out plot involving a hostage situation.

3. Wonder Woman #20 (1988) is a crime story that just happens to feature Wonder Woman and several of her supporting characters. It has excessive exposition, too little of the titular character, and some slightly racist and/or sexist moments.

4. Dudley Do-Right #1 (1970) is full of grammar mistakes, unfunny dialogue, and stories that end abruptly. Not to mention this comic aimed at kids has a very questionable, and badly put together, advert for an inflatable doll named Judy. Said advert practically screams prototype sex doll.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 28

   This episode's English dub is slightly worse filler than the Japanese dub. Mainly due to the bad voice acting by the actress playing Chibi-Usa's male friend. In fact I found it doubly annoying in the English dub when that character whines about a simple jump. Speaking of the jump why can he do an insanely dangerous thing like jumping from a roof, and yet a gym class activity scares him? It makes no logical sense! Of course neither does the different art styles, especially the cheap one that suddenly happen in this episode. Finally I am pretty sure Chibi-Usa's friend is dead due to the dent in his back after being attacked.

   Questions! Is anyone else annoyed by how the filler is mainly consisting of gags in this series/season? Shouldn't Rei be dead after being burnt to a crisp by her attack? Wouldn't the monster's propeller have killed Chibi-Usa when she attacked? Did some of the writers miss the memo about Chibi-Usa's infatuation with her father not being a positive character quirk? Did it creep anyone else out when Chibi-Usa shook her butt in this episode?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Adam Wreck Issue 1 Newsprint Edition Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There are some lettering problems such as a mis-spelled word and a too-small word balloon. Though for being an apparently hand-lettered comic it could be way worse. As for the story it could have used a little better sequencing, yet Michael S. Bracco did avoid being repetitive (if just barely). Also there is a little problem with the main character being told something by his parents that he already knew and complained about. Finally the visuals are energetic and expressive.

   My verdict: This issue is actually better than my review makes it sound. However, I feel it is better to get this for kids and teens/adults who are early readers versus hardcore Sci-fi fans. I say this due to it being very strictly a kids comic. In other words it is recommended.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Barb Wire Volume 2 Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The application of sound effects is impressive enough that I think it should be noted. Particularly how it works with and yet against the color palette. Also impressive is the cover by Adam Hughes that shows (in a way) how to self-censor without losing coolness or the point. Finally the interior work is only really flawed by the interrogation scene being abruptly ended. This causes the issue to have a made for the trade type feeling with this cliffhanger ending.

   Recommended. (However there is the caveat that the issue after this may or may not get a recommendation.)

Mulan Revelations Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The cover is interesting in terms of the moths both forming, and disassembling from, the image of Mulan. However, the interior art does not match the greatness of the cover. This is primarily due to how several pages are broken down into more panels than necessary. There is also a problem with accessibility due to the lack of dialogue when Mulan gets a visually done info-dump. Presumably anyone who reads this issue first will not want to go back and see the two good issues that happened before this bad one. I say bad because there is also a lack of proper reactions and logic in this issue. For example the scenes involving Mulan's brother and his lack of being wary of the situation he ends up in.

  Not recommended.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Time Master Rip Edition

1. Time Masters #8 (1990) has some great art, dialogue, colors and characterization. However, the story feels a bit dated, and it reads better when one has read the first seven issues.

2. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #63 (1987) is a pretty solid issue for this fictionalized war comic based around a toy property. Recommended mainly as an example of how to do good progression of multiple plot lines.

3. The Adventures Of Superman #524 (1995) is a decent enough issue of this title that it just barely makes recommended status.

4. The Adventures Of Superman #424 (1987) is a great jumping on point for those wanting to read early Superman stories post-Crisis On Infinite Earths. It also has beautiful characterization due to how the cast of characters interact via dialogue and visually emote. Definitely recommended for fans of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman and the Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 That Is Not Believable! Edition Some Spoilers Included

Spoilers in this edition.

1. Daredevil #165 (1980) so many flaws, but saying *Spoilers* Doctor Octopus's metal arms are able to not conduct high-voltage electricity *Spoilers* is delusional. Also there is toxic masculinity throughout this issue.

2. The story called "THE ONLY WAY TO KILL SUPERMAN!"from Action Comics #376 (1969) is one of the quickest failures of suspension of disbelief I have ever come across. Three pages in and a method of killing superman ends in failure when it should work.

*Spoilers* An attempt at teleporting an object into his brain is halted due to Superman's invulnerable skin. *Spoilers*

Also found in Action Comics #376 we have the story "THE HATED GIRL OF STEEL." This Supergirl adventure has so many flaws (mainly the writing), but the worst is how a moment from this story is basically retconned within this same story. The second is *Spoilers* the insensitivity towards the idea of people living full and happy lives while blind. *Spoilers*

3. The Adventures Of Superman #522 (1995) is a bleeping mess because of: No backgrounds, stilted and obvious dialogue, characters' looks constantly changing, plus so many other flaws it would be impossible to succinctly list.

4. The Adventures Of Superman #512 (1994) has a ugly looking version of Superman. Superman's temporary look and the reasons for it are just ill-thought out reactions to competitor Image Comics's success. Also dumb is *Spoilers* the lack of reasoning for why The Parasite's look changes. *Spoilers*

Amazing Age Issue 1 Newsprint Edition Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This is not a bad comic yet it is not a comic that I would personally say is good. What I mean is that the story didn't really interest me in any way on a personal level. The dialogue and art are mostly fine once things get going, in-spite of some hiccups involving dutch angles and how one female character's face looks male. As for characterization, the characters are unique in personality and their figurative voices. Heck, the color palette, costume designs, price, and background on the series's origin are all marks in the pro column. However, I just don't feel connected to it despite the obvious effort and various good work the creative team did.

    My verdict: Recommended as something to try, but with the caveat that you may not connect with it.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Alterna Comics Previews For April 2017

I, Holmes #3
Release Date: April 6th
$1.99, 24 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Thriller/Mystery
Digital Comic
(W) Michael Lent
(A) Marc Rene

Rose, the girl with no given name, discovers her true identity, but is it too late to stop a killer bent on revenge?

Available on ComiXology


The Fear Diaries #2
Release Date: April 13th
$1.99 24 pgs, Full Color, All Ages, Action Fantasy
Digital Comic
(W)Garrett Gunn
(A) Nicolas Touris

With the impending onslaught of The Dark Mistress's forces, Teddy and the gang prepare themselves for the most difficult altercation of their lives. But Teddy has a secret. One that may help destroy The Dark Mistress and her reign of terror forever.

Available on ComiXology


Mr. Crypt Collection
Release Date: April 20th
$4.99, 80 pgs, Full Color, All Ages, Humor Horror
Digital Comic
(W) Troy Vevasis
(A) Aleksander Jovic

Mr. Crypt is an all-ages adventure that follows a lonely skeleton. His suit and fake mustache is the only thing that keeps angry villagers from chasing him around town. Joined by a pet rat that he discovers in an abandoned shack, Mr. Crypt does his best to be kind and optimistic in a town that fears and hates him.

Available on ComiXology


Creators #6
Release Date: April 27th
$1.99, 40 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Action
Digital Comic
(W/A) Michael S. Bracco

Maya and Roxie have finally found their Creations, Kardunn and Mr HugZ, but can they find a way to rescue them and escape Morgan and her own army of Creations?

Available on ComiXology

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Creators Issue 6 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This is actually the first issue of Creators I have read. Despite that handicap I found that the story was very accessible to new readers. And though the art has some flaws they mostly feel like areas that need to be improved in the future versus just bad visuals. One example is how the human characters look in panels that are "long shots" from a "bird's eye view." Specifically in terms of height versus the other characters and objects. Also Michael S. Bracco could improve on expressions and body proportions while keeping this Graffiti like style. The last bit of improvement is with the only definite flaw and that is simply working out story sequencing better. Cause this issue had some wasted, and confusing, pages due to repetitive.

   Overall I think this is a good issue and one I recommend primarily for the amount of effort put into it. I also give kudos for the skill shown by apparently manually lettering this issue. Finally I will have to see improvement (even just slightly) in the next several issues on at least one area I mentioned to continue giving a possible recommended status.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Faith (Ongoing) Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   While I think the dutch angles used in this issue are not necessary I will admit they are well-executed. Also Joe Eisma's art could be better in body proportions (particularly width of legs) and less angular. However, Joe Eisma's work has vastly improved from two issues ago. I believe this is in part due to the better color palette versus the ones from two and three issues ago. The final thing I have to say in regards to the visuals is that Dave Sharpe & Marguerite Sauvage brought high-quality skills to this issue.

  As for the story, I feel that Jody Houser reminds readers why the Faith Mini-series and first issue were so successful. Especially when two of the villains point out the lack of logic by pointing out a numer in the team name. However, the writing does fail in the summary description of Dark Star. "Adorable-but-telepahic" is not an adequate description and throws the whole recap off-balance. Other than that the summary is okay.


Monday, April 3, 2017

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 27

  This episode has a weirdly chosen and repetitive plot point involving Venus's inability to get along with children. However, I did like that Makoto was acting more mature which makes sense since she lives on her own. Speaking of females and maturity there is some bad acting from Chibi-Usa's male friend's original English actress. So obviously that and the various dialogue changes mean the Japanese dub is preferable to watch. Though I think this is mainly a skippable episode since nothing really happens except for new attacks.

   Questions! Are the final series/season's villains as idiotic as this season's when it comes to obvious things? Case in point Sailor Chibi Moon has called Pegasus several times and yet they still look for male targets. Is this series partly a gag anime now versus a comedic magical girl drama?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Steam Man Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This series concluded with this issue and yet there is no clear conclusion. What we actually get for an ending is three characters as the main protagonist including the antagonist, plus an ambiguous ending line and a suggestion of a possible time loop. There is no clear reason why elements of H.G. Wells's The Time Machine had to be included in this relatively messy horror story.

   On the plus side sadists and lovers gore would love the horrific visuals in this series and this specific issue. Also the colors are rich and earthy and help hide the lack of depth in certain parts of a few panels.

   Not Recommended for most readers, but if you enjoy horror visuals you have a recommendation here.

The Steam Man Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue brings the title back to being badly written. One example of this is Feather's joke about wanting to screw the Captain comes totally out of nowhere. Not to mention the nice, though sometimes gross, art depicts fight scenes well, but the dialogue ranges from weak to weird. Throw in the Dark Rider essentially saying he has no control over his minions. That simple statement negates any reasoning for them obeying him in specific scenes or at all. Finally this story goes from fitting into three genres (fantasy/science fiction/horror) to fitting only the fantasy/horror genre by the end.

   A half good comic (the visuals are great) is not good enough to recommend.
   Not recommended!

Press Release: Alterna Increases Initial Print Runs For Newsprint Comics

    Alterna Comics is increasing print runs after receiving early order numbers that were higher than expected.

    The following titles, printed on newsprint and priced at $1.50 each, will see a print run increase: ADAM WRECK #1, AMAZING AGE #1, CROAK #1, and LILITH DARK #1. All four titles will be debuting on May 3rd, 2017, the Wednesday before Free Comic Book Day.

    Creators at Alterna Comics would like to thank readers and retailers for coming out in support of Alterna's #BringingBackNewsprint Initiative which introduces a single issue comic book line printed on newsprint with cover prices between $1.00 and $1.99. most issues will be priced at $1.50.

    Publisher Peter Simeti explains why and how Alterna is increasing print run numbers, instead of the usual method of re-printing issues with a second print run, "One of the nice side effects of printing on newsprint is an extremely quick turnaround time of about 3 to 5 business days. Our printer is used to putting out weekly publications, so the speediness (while new to us) is definitely nothing new to them. Because of this, it allows us flexibility to increase or decrease print run numbers as necessary, instead of going back to print on an entirely new print run or rolling the dice on a print run and getting stuck with a massive amount of excess copies or being a few hundred short."

    Simeti also goes on, "It should be noted that we're also adding a few thousand copies into each run to compensate for our upcoming newsstand distribution with PDG which will begin this Summer in July. The only difference between a comic shop comic and a newsstand comic will be the barcode. We do plan on making market-specific variant covers"

    For more information on Alternate Comics titles, visit

    And to see a list of upcoming Alterna Comics Titles available for pre-order in April Previews visit

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Toxic Levels Of Masculinity Edition

1. The Destroyer #1 (1991) is poorly written with weak characterization, horrible one-liners, and a thread-bare plot. Also the art looks very unsteady and weak in terms of the line work.

2. Captain America #16 (1999) is hampered by: A weirdly placed interlude with Tony Stark. Also the Watcher goes from apparently talking to the readers to speaking to Captain America and Sharon Carter. Finally like the rest of the comics in this edition of my ongoing list there is the problem of toxic masculinity. In this case Captain America goes against Sharon Carter's, and any logical person's, idea of handling a cosmic cube powered Red Skull by way of murder. Though this is partly due to the constraints of censorship and tradition caused by the then in place Comics Code Authority.

3. Captain America #37 (2001) shows toxic masculinity by how Steve Rogers mentally critiques the powerful female characters in his life. Not to mention this issue has some mis-shapen moments in the action scenes.

4. Captain America #38 (2001) has Steve Rogers surviving unguarded barrage of a power core that should kill him. Then he shrugs off getting medical care or combat assistance and instead goes on what is basically a suicide run. *Sarcasm* Nothing toxic there at all. *Sarcasm*

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Generation Zero Issue 8 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The flaws are as follows: Spelling and grammar mistakes in the story, including a missing word at one point. A repetitive and confusing summary page. Various leaps in logic. The breaking of the 180 degrees rule with the second story page, specifically the position where Miss Poole is flying from. Kwame's personality and way of speaking suddenly being like the Zygos Twins. Finally not being a comic that immerses the reader, but instead confuses and frustrates the reader.

  My Verdict: Due to being an inaccessible and inane mess this comic is not recommended.


  The supplemental section is a relatively decent mix of materials. While the overall creative quality ranged from good to somewhat okay in ...