Creators Issue 6 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This is actually the first issue of Creators I have read. Despite that handicap I found that the story was very accessible to new readers. And though the art has some flaws they mostly feel like areas that need to be improved in the future versus just bad visuals. One example is how the human characters look in panels that are "long shots" from a "bird's eye view." Specifically in terms of height versus the other characters and objects. Also Michael S. Bracco could improve on expressions and body proportions while keeping this Graffiti like style. The last bit of improvement is with the only definite flaw and that is simply working out story sequencing better. Cause this issue had some wasted, and confusing, pages due to repetitive.

   Overall I think this is a good issue and one I recommend primarily for the amount of effort put into it. I also give kudos for the skill shown by apparently manually lettering this issue. Finally I will have to see improvement (even just slightly) in the next several issues on at least one area I mentioned to continue giving a possible recommended status.



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