Croak Issue 1 Newsprint Edition Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   First off I have to say this issue has slightly higher quality art than most horror story comics I have read. Mainly in terms of how light, or rather the lack of light, is used in a naturalistic way without losing focus on characters and texture. Though I will say that the three main characters' eyes could be a little less similar in style, at least in terms of how the folds are shaped. In-spite of this I will say that it is refreshing and somewhat unique to see such detailed and realistically shaped eyes. As for the story it has good dialogue that works well with the artist's pacing. Plus the ending I did not see coming at all. Finally I think Dezi Sienty and Francesco Iaquinta did good work on lettering/design and coloring.

  Highly Recommended!


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