Faith (Ongoing) Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   While I think the dutch angles used in this issue are not necessary I will admit they are well-executed. Also Joe Eisma's art could be better in body proportions (particularly width of legs) and less angular. However, Joe Eisma's work has vastly improved from two issues ago. I believe this is in part due to the better color palette versus the ones from two and three issues ago. The final thing I have to say in regards to the visuals is that Dave Sharpe & Marguerite Sauvage brought high-quality skills to this issue.

  As for the story, I feel that Jody Houser reminds readers why the Faith Mini-series and first issue were so successful. Especially when two of the villains point out the lack of logic by pointing out a numer in the team name. However, the writing does fail in the summary description of Dark Star. "Adorable-but-telepahic" is not an adequate description and throws the whole recap off-balance. Other than that the summary is okay.



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