In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 27

  This episode has a weirdly chosen and repetitive plot point involving Venus's inability to get along with children. However, I did like that Makoto was acting more mature which makes sense since she lives on her own. Speaking of females and maturity there is some bad acting from Chibi-Usa's male friend's original English actress. So obviously that and the various dialogue changes mean the Japanese dub is preferable to watch. Though I think this is mainly a skippable episode since nothing really happens except for new attacks.

   Questions! Are the final series/season's villains as idiotic as this season's when it comes to obvious things? Case in point Sailor Chibi Moon has called Pegasus several times and yet they still look for male targets. Is this series partly a gag anime now versus a comedic magical girl drama?


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