In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 28

   This episode's English dub is slightly worse filler than the Japanese dub. Mainly due to the bad voice acting by the actress playing Chibi-Usa's male friend. In fact I found it doubly annoying in the English dub when that character whines about a simple jump. Speaking of the jump why can he do an insanely dangerous thing like jumping from a roof, and yet a gym class activity scares him? It makes no logical sense! Of course neither does the different art styles, especially the cheap one that suddenly happen in this episode. Finally I am pretty sure Chibi-Usa's friend is dead due to the dent in his back after being attacked.

   Questions! Is anyone else annoyed by how the filler is mainly consisting of gags in this series/season? Shouldn't Rei be dead after being burnt to a crisp by her attack? Wouldn't the monster's propeller have killed Chibi-Usa when she attacked? Did some of the writers miss the memo about Chibi-Usa's infatuation with her father not being a positive character quirk? Did it creep anyone else out when Chibi-Usa shook her butt in this episode?


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