Ninjak Issue 26 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue has some merit to it, mainly in the form of the visuals, yet it is hindered by three major flaws. The biggest is the fact that the silent prelude issue, and its cool premise, still has nothing to do with this story arc except for Ninjak, Roku, and Master Darque. Secondly the visuals while cool lack texture in certain places such as on certain characters' normal human flesh. Lastly is the fact that the style of this issue does not match any part of the rest of the story arc. (Of course the other parts don't match up either.)

    Despite all of the above problems if one simply wants some high quality art and coloring this is fine for that. Heck, perhaps a coloring book featuring pages from this story arc would be a viable idea to improve its merit.

   Not Recommended as part of a story arc, but fine for a quick look through or read.



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