Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Arnold Drake Meet Lois Lane Edition

1. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (1973)...."'Thud' is the sound my head makes against the desk after having read this drivel!" Example 1: Superman is treated as the lead in Lois's own title. Example 2: Perry White's cigar disappears then reappears as a cigarette. *Spoilers* Example 3: Superman excepting the lamest excuses for three characters' alibis in a ticking clock style mystery. *Spoilers*

2. The Daisy BB Gun advert found on the back of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (1973) is bad for three reasons. First there is the idea that comics cannot lead to good grades. Next that they are only something boys read. Finally it is advertising children being given guns. One has to wonder how many victims of gun violence this advert, and related ads, were the cause of?

3. Another bad advert found in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 is the one pager for Woods Edge Game/Tank Trap. Both sides of this ad have too much information and yet too little. Also the art for both games is very chaotic. Finally there are the weird facial expressions on the Woods Edge Game panel.

4. "Unhappy Birthday To You!" from Superman #263 (1973) has a waste of a framing device and a story that makes zero sense.


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