Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ghost Patrol Emoji Edition

1. The Ghost Patrol story called "The 'Spectacular' Crimes" from Flash Comics #96 (June 1948) consists of the following flaws: Horrible dialogue, a weak plot, generic characters, poorly executed premise, bad fight choreography.

2. Wonder Woman #161 (1966) has two horribly stories ("The Curse Of Cleopatra!" and "Battle Inside A Brain!") and both have several flaws in writing, art, and general logic.

3. Team Titans #3 (1992) has several flaws such as pointless deaths, lousy attempts to cuss without cussing, and generic action scenes. Arguably the worst flaw is how the story arc is rendered pointless by a Deus Ex Machina combining with a de-powerment that negates the rational for the story.

4. Team Titans #2 (1992) is poorly edited and written, particularly in how the story is sequenced. There is also artistic flaws like the sideways double-page spread, which is never a good idea, and Battalion having red in place of human eyeballs.


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