Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sonny Puff Supers Edition

1. The story "Peril Of The Planet-Smashers!" World's Finest #208 (1971) has a flawed plot in how the villains want to reach ultimate peace in the form of a "nirvana" yet want to destroy Earth to do so. Very contradictory logic. There are also flaws with the character models and other visual work.

2. The 1990 Cocoa Puffs advertisement titled "Sonny the cuckoo bird in Chocolate Crunchville" found at the back of Wonder Woman #46 (1990). While it almost works it leaves too much of a question of why to buy it, and thus is two-dimensional in the telling.

3. Kenner's Super Sonic Power Smash-Up Derby advertisement found in World's Finest #208 (1971) seems slightly racist. This is due to how the one black kid (who seems to be a token character) is not really shown to be playing with white kids.

4. The 1990 Capri Sun 100% Natural Advertisement "One Good Fern Deserves Another" found in Wonder Woman #46 (1990) is falsely titled. It also fails to deliver on reasons to buy the product, and almost fails to have the characters even hint at wanting the product.


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