Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 That Is Not Believable! Edition Some Spoilers Included

Spoilers in this edition.

1. Daredevil #165 (1980) so many flaws, but saying *Spoilers* Doctor Octopus's metal arms are able to not conduct high-voltage electricity *Spoilers* is delusional. Also there is toxic masculinity throughout this issue.

2. The story called "THE ONLY WAY TO KILL SUPERMAN!"from Action Comics #376 (1969) is one of the quickest failures of suspension of disbelief I have ever come across. Three pages in and a method of killing superman ends in failure when it should work.

*Spoilers* An attempt at teleporting an object into his brain is halted due to Superman's invulnerable skin. *Spoilers*

Also found in Action Comics #376 we have the story "THE HATED GIRL OF STEEL." This Supergirl adventure has so many flaws (mainly the writing), but the worst is how a moment from this story is basically retconned within this same story. The second is *Spoilers* the insensitivity towards the idea of people living full and happy lives while blind. *Spoilers*

3. The Adventures Of Superman #522 (1995) is a bleeping mess because of: No backgrounds, stilted and obvious dialogue, characters' looks constantly changing, plus so many other flaws it would be impossible to succinctly list.

4. The Adventures Of Superman #512 (1994) has a ugly looking version of Superman. Superman's temporary look and the reasons for it are just ill-thought out reactions to competitor Image Comics's success. Also dumb is *Spoilers* the lack of reasoning for why The Parasite's look changes. *Spoilers*


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