Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Toxic Levels Of Masculinity Edition

1. The Destroyer #1 (1991) is poorly written with weak characterization, horrible one-liners, and a thread-bare plot. Also the art looks very unsteady and weak in terms of the line work.

2. Captain America #16 (1999) is hampered by: A weirdly placed interlude with Tony Stark. Also the Watcher goes from apparently talking to the readers to speaking to Captain America and Sharon Carter. Finally like the rest of the comics in this edition of my ongoing list there is the problem of toxic masculinity. In this case Captain America goes against Sharon Carter's, and any logical person's, idea of handling a cosmic cube powered Red Skull by way of murder. Though this is partly due to the constraints of censorship and tradition caused by the then in place Comics Code Authority.

3. Captain America #37 (2001) shows toxic masculinity by how Steve Rogers mentally critiques the powerful female characters in his life. Not to mention this issue has some mis-shapen moments in the action scenes.

4. Captain America #38 (2001) has Steve Rogers surviving unguarded barrage of a power core that should kill him. Then he shrugs off getting medical care or combat assistance and instead goes on what is basically a suicide run. *Sarcasm* Nothing toxic there at all. *Sarcasm*


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