Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Mishandled With Carelessness Edition Slight Spoilers Included

Some slight spoilers in this edition

1. The Adventures Of Superman #526 (1995) has the problem of a poorly handled plot that is centered around the separate topics of racism and mental health. It also has some visual problems such as how it displays a prison riot properly when Superman is in the prison. The last problem is the color palette looks poorly selected and/or applied in most of the panels.

2. Daredevil #166 (1980) has some of the worst writing I have ever read in a comic. Examples range from uncessary narration of character actions and situations to unrealistic dialogue. Not to mention artistic problems like Melvin Potter's face being off-model in two locations. Plus Daredevil's having a splayed hand with what appears to be a broken pinky in one panel, and there no reason it should be broken. Finally the exploitation of mental health, and those who really suffer from it, to create a poorly thought-out plot involving a hostage situation.

3. Wonder Woman #20 (1988) is a crime story that just happens to feature Wonder Woman and several of her supporting characters. It has excessive exposition, too little of the titular character, and some slightly racist and/or sexist moments.

4. Dudley Do-Right #1 (1970) is full of grammar mistakes, unfunny dialogue, and stories that end abruptly. Not to mention this comic aimed at kids has a very questionable, and badly put together, advert for an inflatable doll named Judy. Said advert practically screams prototype sex doll.


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