Recommended Comics List Of 4 Pick A Number From Number Six Edition

1. The Prisoner Book B (1988) is accessible enough in its writing and art to please a lot of people who may have not seen the original 1960s show this is based on. However, this issue and most of the other issues, should please the majority of people who watched the show. This is primarily due to the visual and written references to the show which include the style of writing.

2. The New Teen Titans #35 (1983) is a bit dated due to how obviously constrained it was by the comics code. Yet it has a pretty realistic hostage situation story that explores how such a situation might be resolved if young super-heroes got involved. I do give the caveat that this may be a comic deserving of a few trigger warnings and thus is not for everyone.

3. The Adventures Of Superman #612 (2003) is a bit of a standalone in what appears to be a larger story arc. Despite this it is very accessible for less experienced readers of Superman and/or comics. Also it is a bit of a love letter to the earliest Golden Age stories starring Superman while also critiquing them.

4. Wonder Woman #17 (1988) has a few pages that I don't like in terms of layout and/or amount of dialogue. However, it is a pretty strong issue with some great art by George Pérez and Dick Giordano. Lastly the plotting is really strong in both the main plot and subplots.


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