Recommended Comics List Of 4 Time Master Rip Edition

1. Time Masters #8 (1990) has some great art, dialogue, colors and characterization. However, the story feels a bit dated, and it reads better when one has read the first seven issues.

2. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #63 (1987) is a pretty solid issue for this fictionalized war comic based around a toy property. Recommended mainly as an example of how to do good progression of multiple plot lines.

3. The Adventures Of Superman #524 (1995) is a decent enough issue of this title that it just barely makes recommended status.

4. The Adventures Of Superman #424 (1987) is a great jumping on point for those wanting to read early Superman stories post-Crisis On Infinite Earths. It also has beautiful characterization due to how the cast of characters interact via dialogue and visually emote. Definitely recommended for fans of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman and the Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon.


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