Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wonderful Paradise Edition

1. Wonder Woman #46 (1990) has a good trigger warning for this still topical issue. Said topic of suicide is handled in a caring and honest way. The art by Jill Thompson and Romeo Tanghal is a thing of beauty. Though this issue could have been better in its sequencing of past and present.

2. "The Inside Story Of Robotman!" from Detective Comics #138 (Aug. 1948) is actually pretty good in terms of the plot, dialogue, and general consistency. Though like any Golden Age story it still has flaws, such as the abrupt ending.

3. Wonder Woman #136 (1998) is flawed in several ways. However, it is interesting as a prime example of how to leave a run as a creator while leaving openings for another creator to work with.

4. Wonder Woman #130 (1998) is a decent beginning to a time travel story. It also has a good Back To The Future reference. Though I will admit the art could be better in some ways.


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