Saban's Power Rangers Movie Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  "Teenagers with attitude" was the premise/phrase that sort of sold me on Mighty Morphing Power Rangers back when it first aired. Yes, they had the whole martial arts, monsters versus super heroes/soldiers, and goofiness etc., but that one phrase was what stuck with me. Now though I am an original fan of the Power Rangers I can not claim to be a faithful fan. I stopped watching faithfully around the early to mid-point of Power Rangers In Space. However, I still think this is one of the best  long-running franchises in existence.

  That being said I think this is not so much a reboot of the franchise. Instead I think of it as a more realistic and better thought out attempt to follow the original premise set in an alternate universe/timeline. In other words it is a smarter reimagined version of the Power Rangers with a higher budget.

  Now as for what is good about the actual movie: It tries for a story that is a tad more adult than most of the episodes of the show by doing jokes that young children won't get, or if they do they won't be troubled by them. Yet it still leaves moments for the younger fans to enjoy like the reference to the Michael Bey Transformers. Another plus is that the accents and character quirks (Such as Billy's autistic traits) are very consistent. (Though RJ Cyler did lose some of the consistency in his moments at the lunch table.) As for the cameo by the original Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart I think this was a great way to respect the original fans without destroying the story.

  While so many other reviewers have by now pointed out the other pluses I feel one major plus has to be still be talked about and that the portrayal of bullying. From Kimberly bullying others via a picture of some kind to being bullied by her former friends I have to say that they handled her denial of being  a type of bully realistically. I say this because most people have at one point done something in their life that would be considered bullying. We all may try to deny it yet it happens and is something that keeps guilt staying with a majority of us when we think back on whatever 'it' was. The portrayal of unrepentant bullying is also shown by way of Billy's personal bully who we first meet in detention. This type of bullying is usually the kind were there is seemingly no real rhyme or reason and does happen to both people who are on the autistic spectrum and those who are not. It happens for a variety of reasons including an abusive home life, attention-seeking, etc. I think it is unrepentant due to how the Bully, such as the one in this movie, wants to cause serious injury for no clear reason to the victim other than personal gratification.

  Speaking of the unrepentant bully, and now flaws, I noticed a continuity goof-up in his second scene. Said scene shows him knocking Billy's blue book (or binder) from Billy's hand and there is no moment where we see Billy pick it up. Though after the Bully fails in his assault on Billy by knocking himself out we see Billy walk away with the blue book (or binder). However, casual viewers looking just to be entertained will probably fail to see this due to how the extras' reactions distract from this goof-up.

   As for actual flaws that all can probably see, and other reviewers have pointed out, they are listed as follows: None of the characters trying CPR on the character who drowns. Also poorly checking for a pulse on said character. The lack of follow-up on Trini's wrecked room, especially her parents' reaction and belief about what happened. Whether Jason's dad has told his mother about Jason being the Red Ranger. (Otherwise that is a weird moment with the fridge.) Finally the aftermath of the incident with the train, in particular what the excuse was to the police and Billy's mother. (I believe that they were teleported to their homes and healed by the coins.)

   Despite the above flaws this is the best Power Rangers movie I have ever seen.



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