The Fear Diaries Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This comic is almost good enough on a technical level to recommend. However, it has two major problems and three minor problems. Arguably the biggest problem is the Deux Ex Machina used to defeat the villain. The second major problem is the lack of accessibility to people like myself who have not read the first issue. If the two major problems didn't occur I could have given this a recommendation despite the minor problems which are: The kind of cliched ending that is somewhat the equivalent of saying "The Beginning" when it is most often just the end. How the art gets a bit lazy in the proportions of the villain's arms when he is swiping. (They look like noodles.) Lastly the cover is a little too asymmetrical in the proportions of the villain's torso to waist area, specifically his left side.

   My verdict: This is neither the worst purchase a reader could make or the worst thing I have been given to review. However, I have to give it a not recommended status.


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