Boss Nostalgic 64 Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue is not as good as the first due primarily to the slower paced opening that seems somewhat disconnected to the previous issue. There are also certain random sections such as the zombie plague parody that seem to just be filler due to being creative blockage. Though creative blockage is to be expected when reading a regularly updated web comic in any format. However, there are still several great moments in the majority of this issue, such as when the giant pet is given a special medicine. Lastly the only serious and non-perspective-based flaws I found were certain bits of grammar and spelling.

   My verdict: While it could have been better in certain ways it still was high enough in quality and is worthy of being recommended!

Print copies can be purchased from its creator Luke Schular at conventions and the series can be read online at


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