Eternal Warrior: Awakening Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The villain is refreshing in terms of his simple goals and the threats/promises he makes. Though I do have a little trouble believing so many would follow him based on his methods. As for the awakening itself I feel it could have been a little quicker in the flashbacks, and slower in the "present." Of course it does explore Gilad's character in an interesting way regarding how he handles severe injury.

    As for the visuals, I found one missing word and some flaws in certain parts of the flashback. One such flaw is Gilad's torso looking too twisted compared to the rest of his body. A second flaw is when the villain tries to grab a possibly dead Gilad said villain is too close in perspective. Other than things like that the visuals are fantastic, especially in terms of the texture and colors.



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