Fly-Away Baby (1937) Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The dialogue is less snappy and witty in comparison to the dialogue found in Smart Blonde (1937), yet it is still entertaining enough. As for the plotting I think the main mystery is weaker than the first Torchy flick, but that is due to how this was probably rushed into production so soon after the first. Which seems very likely due to all the jump cuts, especially the vanishing black worker near the plane in one scene. Also in regards to plotting I have to say that Tom Kennedy, as McBride & Torchy's pal/sidekick/comedy relief Gahagan, arguably steals the scenes he is in due to how loveably slow-witted he seems. Not to mention the brief mystery of why he leaves the force. Finally while the mystery is weak the laughs and entertainment value are respectively many and high.



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