In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 33

   This is a pretty decent despite how it seems to putter out towards the end. Both original dubs are similar enough in dialogue that they are both okay, yet the Japanese dub does not fail on matching the lip flaps in the obvious way at the beginning. So if I had to recommend one it would probably be the Japanese due to the previously mentioned problem and the more accurate height assessment for the beam scene. Finally I have to say the philosophical debate on adulthood versus remaining a child is neat, and for the most part I want to side with the villains.

   Questions! What happened to the guys that were Minako's original motivation for volunteering? What did they mean when they said Biri-Biri dude had short-circuited? Like was he half-machine or what? Are the other evil performers actually going to fight the scouts at some point? Are the Sailor Senshi well-known or urban legends at this point?


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