Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Abrupt Story Twist Edition

1. The Partridge Family #11 (1972) has abrupt plot twists in both stories that create endings that don't sync up with the beginnings. Also the second story has a lot of singing in a purely visual medium, which as I have said before is a big no-no.

2. Wonder Woman #91 has "broken back syndrome" in practically every panel. Also everyone is over-sexualized in terms of their designs.

3.  The Superman And Wonder Woman story "The Journey To The End Of Hope!" from World's Finest #204 (1971). Has failures galore including: An uncertain and inane ending. A boring and somewhat unrealized plot. Characters failing to react or acting purely because the story dictates they need to do just cause. Finally there is slight agism, sexism, and racism.

4. The whole idea of Marvel's current (2017) event series Secret Empire. The reason why is that Steve Rogers/Captain America being portrayed as a proponent of fascism, and a member of a bigoted group, spits on the graves of his creators.


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