Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 That Is Inane In My Membrane Edition

1. Wonder Woman #134 (1998) nonsensical plotting, plus the characterization is weak.

2. Teen Titans #3 (2003) has the older Titans treating the former members of Young Justice as if they have no experience at all. Also there is a very slight made for the trade feel. Lastly there is the out of nowhere return of a character, and a poorly done bit of foreshadowing for the return of another.

3. Wonder Woman #135 (1998) has Diana as the goddess of truth talking to the audience at the beginning and never giving a reason for why that happened. Also too much happens too quickly in order to tie together all the storylines by the next issue. Finally there are panels that feel and are incomplete in what is being shown to the point that it negatively affects the story.

4. The Partridge Family #8 (1972) is the third one I have read of this series and it too is abrupt in the endings and inane every other way. Though this is the first that has an anti-feminist song's lyrics on a single page next to an image of David Cassidy.


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