Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Why Franky? Why? Edition

1. Daredevil #167 (1980) has extremely weak and easily resolved motivations for the villain. Some examples of ways that it could have been resolved quicker and/or better are: Selling the M.A.U.L.E.R. armor, paper files, going to a major business competitor like Tony Stark to bankroll a legal battle in exchange for information on Mr. Cord and his interests, finding a different lawyer, going to a reporter like Ben Urich.

2. Daredevil #168 (1980) is the sexist first appearance of Elektra. It is primarily a knocked unconscious type of flashback story. Finally there are artistic problems such as a lack of depth and poorly choreographed fight scenes.

3. Daredevil #169 (1981) is really a thinly veiled Batman story and a generic one at that. Also the sub-plots are weakly continued. The last two problems are the ideology sermon Daredevil gives about law and order to a police officer and the lack of depth and dimension in the art.

4. Daredevil #170 (1981) has flawed panel layouts, poorly done minimalism, and a situation where Daredevil should have ended up dead. (Cause a fifty story fall with only two failed attempts to slow down would realistically kill him.)


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