Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Unforgiven Era Edition

1. Wonder Woman #99 (1995) is a prime example of why all comics from the 1990s have been stereotyped by many as having a bad reputation.

2. Wonder Woman #98 (1995) is another example of a bad comic from the "Extreme!" side of the 1990s. It follows all of the worst artistic trends, and has a barely serviceable script.

3. "Guardians of the Clockwork Universe" from Strange Adventures #22 (July, 1952) looks and feels like a generic "Earthling protects the universe" kind of 1950s' sci-fi tale. It stars one of the Pre-Silver Age attempts at superhero replacements Captain Comet.

4. Captain America #218 (1978) has a very crowded looking cover. Also the sequences, dialogue, and plot are poorly executed and boring. Finally the action scenes are lazy by having a burst of light show up. The best example of what I mean are the visual sound effects, minus the sound, that appeared during fights in the 1960s' live action Batman tv show.


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