Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Supergirl's Lame Adventure Edition

1. Adventure Comics #389 (1970) is sexist in several ways including assuming women's colleges would waste time and money with a glorified version of show and tell. Also both have weakly executed plots that actually contained some potential for good stories.

2. Wonder Woman #112 (1996) is a bit too anti-climatic in terms of how the fight with the clone of Doomsday ends. Also some of the characterization seems to change on a dime.

3. The Green Arrow story "The Rogue of 1,000 Ropes!" from Adventure Comics #176 (May, 1952) has the introduction of the lame villain The Roper. Also the story title is a lie because a thousand ropes are not used. Not to mention the villain could have gone on the straight and narrow while being rich off stolen money, a new alias and face within the first few pages. Finally Green Arrow comes off badly due to how he is untrusting of Speedy and overly reliant on convoluted plans.

4. Generation X #1 (1994) is very slowly paced. It has unnecessary exposition, and horribly weak consistency when it comes to setting up the series. Finally the art ranges from nice to bad in terms of proportions.


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