Rapture Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This first issue takes has way too much exposition which hurts the overall pacing. However, the visuals are for the most part exceptionally drawn and colored. (Even with the regular design of Neville Alcott coming back after change in design found in the most recent issue of Ninjak.) As for the villain I feel his motivation could have been explained in clearer terms. While the Geomancer Tama should have been given more set-up regarding her sidekick, and why she tells stories as long as the lead from "How I Met Your Mother." Lastly there should have been more time devoted to Shadowman and Ninjak since their names are above the title on the summary page.*

   Not Recommended in single form, but may still get a recommendation in a collected format.

  *Note: Personally I feel that saying Shadowman and Ninjak are the leads feels a bit sexist considering Punk Mambo and Tama are being used in this ensemble piece.


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