Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hermes Sandals Edition

1. Wonder Woman #109 (1996) strides a good balance between being suitable for young readers and adults. Also it has good characterization and character development.

2. The 1996 in-house advertisement for the DC comic book series The Power Of Shazam nicely parodies horror movies and cereal adverts, and it creates intrigue about the series.

3. The PSA comic page titled "Buzzy's Rules Of Water Safety" is good at providing visual and text based information on the subject. Though I feel some areas such as Wolfie's eyes could have been improved. One can be found in Rip Hunter...Time Master #10 (1962).

4. Wonder Woman #137 (1998) is an okay story and a relatively decent jumping on point for those who know only a little about Wonder Woman. However, the art could be better in some places, particularly the last page.


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