Recommended Comics List Of 4 Mastering Time Rulers Edition

1. Tales Of The Teen Titans #50 (1985) is not for children in my opinion. Yet it still is potentially suitable for late twelve year old Tweens. The reason for this is that it has some slightly racy dialogue. Also like most real life wedding ceremonies this wedding issue is a bit of an exhaustive read that some will enjoy and others won't.

2. Rip Hunter...Time Master #27 (1965) is a pretty strong silver age time travel comic. Though it does have some absurd moments that are flaws.

3. Wonder Woman #132 (1998) has a bit of repetition/recapping that I feel is unnecessary, and is definitely a little inaccurate, yet this is otherwise a decent issue.

4. Wonder Woman #113 (1996) is a good sequential art example of a sidekick/teenager trying to prove themselves as more capable than they might actually be. Great fight scenes and overall expert pacing. Finally there are feet that actually look like feet which is a bit of a rarity in comic art.


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