Valiant X-O Manowar 2017 FCBD Special Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   First off the purely artistic feature titled "Valiant Universe 2017" is a little chunky in the line work and designs of certain characters. Though fans of David Lafuente and Andrew Dalhouse, as well as diehard fans of Valiant Entertainment, should appreciate the piece. I personally found it merely okay.

   As for the preview of Secret Weapons #1 my thoughts on the issue can be found here.

   Finally we come to the stories "X-O Manowar Prologue: The Three Prayers Of X-O Manowar" and
"Bloodshot Salvation Prologue." Without spoiling too much I will say there is one word missing from the latter story, and that the latter story feels necessary while the former feels redundant. Both are good in dialogue and plot, but the former feels like a deleted part of issue 1 or an issue 0. The last thing I will say is that both stories and their beautiful visuals make this an issue to pick up on Free Comic Book Day 2017 (May 6th) at your local shop.



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