Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Bad And The Boring! Edition

1. DC Comics Presents #43 (1982) is too visually static and has some proportion inconsistencies. Also the story is very boring.

2. The Whitman version of Porky Pig #64 (1975; Also known as Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny #64) is weak in terms of the plots and jokes. There is also the problem of racism and cultural appropriation.

3. "The Roosevelt Project" from New Talent Showcase #14 (1985) is almost decent but the lettering mistakes and "the to be continued in this issue" breaks in the story severely hurt it. Add in the fact that it is almost literally just a different version of Frankenstein and you have all my reasons not to recommend this narrative.

4. "The Fan" is also from New Talent Showcase #14 (1985) is three pages of an underdeveloped story, and that is mainly due to the threadbare plot.


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