Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Super Sexist Writing Edition

1. Adventure Comics #392 (1970) features two massively flawed, inane and sexist Supergirl stories.

2. "Whatever Happened To Hourman?" from DC Comics Presents #25 (1980) is a fun story that falls apart with the ending being a major cliffhanger.

3. The Martian Manhunter and Superman story titled "...And So My World Begins!" from World's Finest #212 (1972) has a sexist moment in Superman's thoughts. Also the script is uneven and relies on a previous issue from another title and leaves on a cliffhanger ending in this title. Lastly there are plot-holes galore.

4. The Grim Ghost story from Sensation Comics #8 (August, 1942) is off in sequencing actions after motivations and exposition. Also like a lot of golden age stories it is flawed in premise and/or plot. In this case it is more flawed in premise than plot.


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