Recommended Comics List Of 4 Clean Up Those Tarot Cards Edition

1. The story "Trial" from New Talent Showcase #14 (1985) is an interesting cerebral piece that certain people may enjoy. Though I will admit it is not for everyone. Also the editorial piece about the stories and professional statuses is worth a read.

2. Marvel Team-Up #80 (1979) is a misnomered story on the Dr. Strange front since Spider-Man really only teams-up with Wong & Clea. However, it is an entertaining read for fans of tarot readings, magic, horror, and the characters mentioned.

3. "Ekko Part One" from New Talent Showcase #4 (1984) could be stronger in the text part of the narrative, but it is serviceable and interesting.

4. The story "Full Circle" from New Talent Showcase #4 (1984) is a grounded story about life's unexpected ups and downs. Also it is the best written story from this issue.


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