Recommended Comics List Of 4 Noir Plays With Magus X Edition

1. Punisher Noir #1 (2009) is a good first issue featuring an alternate version of The Punisher. Really fine work on the texture and line strength.

2. Warlock #1 (1972) is a heavy-handed with the exposition part of the set-up. Despite that, and its artistic flaws, it is an issue that I think people who prefer the written word over visuals will enjoy.

3. Like the above comic (Warlock #1) Weapon X #1 (2002) is a little heavy-handed on the writing front. However, by the end of the issue it left me feeling intrigued enough that I feel others might be as well. For that reason alone this issue is recommended.

4. Raising A Reader! How Comics & Graphic Novels Can Help Your Kids Love to Read! 2015 (2015) is a free book on Comixology that is a guide for parents and teachers. It is mainly prose, but has some sequential art. As a guide it is okay, though I feel it is a bit dull at times.


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