Recommended Comics List Of 4 Strange Super Phantoms Edition

1. DC Comics Presents #25 (1980) is a wee bit inaccessible in some ways, but it is otherwise a great Phantom Stranger story. It also is a relatively okay Superman story. To be fair I have to admit it is not a good team-up story.

2. DC Comics Presents #28 (1980) is flawed in its exposition being used a little more than necessary in the Superman and Supergirl story. While the Johnny Thunder (Lawman) story is a little weak in the exposition due to how it seems to change on the narrator. However, both are overall good stories with great art, fast pacing, and satisfying endings.

3. Agent X #2 (2002) is a decent mix of humor and superheroes. Though some of the references are dated or reliant on knowing comic book and video game tropes.

4. The Air Wave story from Detective Comics #88 (1944) is high quality stuff for a tale from the Golden Age of comics.


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