Roseanne Season 1 Review

  This first season is really good despite the lack of consistent set-up regarding the set-up for the season finale. Which is still interesting due to how if affects the show overall. Not to mention that as far as I know not many shows at that time did seasonal arcs that tied into their finales.

  Another inconsistency that I have heard about, but didn't notice as a kid, is how casting changes such as the two DJs affects the show. In my honest opinion it is a bit jarring, but not a bad move since the second DJ is honestly a better actor despite being younger. The first just had no screen presence and lacked real feeling of being honest in the line delivery.

  As for continuity between scenes and episodes I think they did rather well. Though I did notice the actress playing Becky hiding on the stairs in one episode where she is supposed to be upstairs. Speaking of episodes there are only two episodes this season that didn't work for me and one involved the Salesman.

  Finally the camera work and transitions between scenes are nicely done and/or well-paced.



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