Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review With Massive Spoilers

Warning Of Massive Spoilers!

   For those who think this is the first female superhero movie you missed out on a lot of failed attempts. Also one decent movie in the form of the animated Wonder Woman from back in 2009. However, this is the first proper live action success that I have seen. So is it perfect? Nope! Is it good enough despite having flaws. Yes, because it succeeds to various extents at the following: telling multiple types of stories, focus, representation, major plot twist, fight choreography, emotional moments, symbolism.
   The multiple types of stories are basically just how things like the love story does not overshadow the superhero or war story. Nor does the war story type get underplayed for the sake of the superhero story. This is primarily because of how focused director Patty Jenkins made the final product. Meaning there is not a lot extraneous or unnecessary information to distract viewers. (Also considering how Allen Heinberg is in my opinion a sub-par writer I think Geoff Johns and others on the cast & crew gave Patty Jenkins plenty of good stuff to create a well focused film with.)

   Though Patty Jenkins focus does falter in places such as representation of how linguistics works and supporting characters. An example of the former is how Diana knows modern German, and possibly Siksika (Blackfoot), which the Amazons would not have come across if totally isolated. No explanation is given for this so I have to theorize god/magic stuff. While the supporting characters example is covered by the unknown questions: Does Saïd Taghmaoui's character Sameer ever work as an actor? Does Napi a.k.a. The Chief (Played awesomely by Eugene Brave Rock.) have any god heritage himself (cause of his name)? Finally did Diana do anything heroic after WW1 before she helped Batman and Superman?

   As for the major plot twist involving Dr. Maru and the generic German general being unknowing underlings of Ares I think it works if one did not see all the trailers. I honestly feel that we need a second Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman movie that has Diana fight Dr. Maru in the past, via flashback, and a present day descendant of Maru's continuing her villainous legacy. That said I think both actors worked well off of what they were given.

   In regards to fight choreography the only thing that bugged me was the bullet time/goddess mode fight Wondy has with the German troopers. Though I want to blame the Snyders and the suits at Warner Bros. due to how it feels like something they fiddled with I cannot due to lack of proof. Yet I can justifiabily blame who ever did the CGI for that fight. All the other fights were amazing!

  Finally I will say that the emotional moments greatly helped the pacing and my favorite was when Diana goes into No Man's Land. However, that moment is tied for the end of the Great War scene where there are subtle nods via babies and couples to what Diana could have had with Steve.

  Very Recommended, especially for those looking for any type of positive empowerment!*

   *Note: Negative types of Empowerment would involve hurting others through harassment or bigotry.

  Addendum: I am still pissed off at the false advertising for Limited Edition 3D Glasses that Regal Cinemas promised to have for those attended their showings on June 1st. They did not have them for any of us that attended!


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