Wonder Woman Issue 300 (1983) Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Due to the number of creatives who worked on this issue there are obviously flaws in the art, lettering, and writing. Despite this there seems to be no coloring errors that I could see in my faded physical copy. As for the flaws I did find they are spread out and few enough that I feel this is still a decent product. Also while I feel it is a bit overly long I must say that no page is wasted.

    Now the reason why this issue is decent is because there is something for everyone, even those who hate Wonder Woman and/or comics. Heck, even sexists men and women will find something to recommend from this comic via one of the dream sequences and a bit of dialogue that is suggestive of sexism itself. However, for those who love and respect Wonder Woman the entire story reads like a "Imaginary story" anthology love letter to the series and character. While it is not the greatest issue, or the most progressive of narratives, it is a Wonder Woman story that early readers and long time fans can enjoy and respect.

   My verdict: Recommended as a nice tribute to her history (good, bad, and weird).


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