Bloodshot's Day Off Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The story's ending is hopeful and an important message for veterans who have actually served. As for the story it is overall good to great. I say good to great due to some parts being better than others. For example the visuals are for the most part just good since the line work looks a bit uneven on several pages.

   While this is a recommended one-shot it is also one I didn't fully understand two aspects of. The first aspect is the musical notes, and that is due to not having a good enough knowledge of music composition to understand it. However, I do think that the notes, along with how the singing moves the story along, helps the music be an exception to the 'no music in comic books' rule. The second aspect is why one day of shore leave is all they have apparently earned. That just seemed a little contrived.



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